Global Greenways is devoted to investigating cycling culture, transit, roller derby, Sunday Parkways, and bike businesses in the Americas and beyond.

Our contributors travel from North to South, joining bike activists, transit planners, and roller derby girls on lively Latin American streets!

Global Greenways was started to contribute knowledge to active transportation and land use planning in the Americas.

In Portland, we often look to Europe for inspiration for a sustainable urban future. While Copenhagen and Amsterdam have many lessons yo teach us, so does Guadalajara, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires. Global Greenways exists to share these Southern stories and provide inspiración for urban planners beyond.

Our primary contributors are from Portland, Oregon and Puerto Montt, Chile. Many of our investigations into the social movements in the Americas for urban mobility and public spaces take place in travels between Portland and Puerto Montt.

Our 2010 investigations took our contributors from Portland to the South of Chile entirely by Public Transit.

The 2011 research starts in Colombia, home of the first Sunday Parkways, many pedicabs, and a burgeoning Roller Derby scene!
Follow along here at Global Greenways as we share stories and learn mobility lessons from Latin America!

We are sharing stories of traveling from Portland, Oregon to Puerto Varas, Chile by public transit on our new blog https://globalgreenways.org/2011/10/31/portland-oregon-to-puerto-varas-chile-by-public-transit/

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